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This Website is Dedicated Exclusively to the Archaeological Discovery of Marion county, Illinois.

Over the last century, evidence of indigenous cultures of the days of old has been found in Illinois, precisely in Marion county. A major finding was in 1976 when ancient artefacts discovered were said to be the oldest in the mainland United States. We’ll be taking the time to go a little deeper into what makes this county so archaeologically popular and polemic at the same time. In the meantime, if you’ve got findings you would like to share, feel free to visit the Ancient American Magazine.


The Illinois Cave

Back in the early 1880’s when the Illinois Cave, also known as the Burrows Cave, was said to have been discovered, many are those who considered it too imaginary to be true. Mr Russell Burrows, who was the founder, described it as a place with inscribed scrolls, a ton of gold, and thirteen tombs with human remains amongst others. At the ISAC (International Society of Analytical Cytology) meeting of June 1991, a date was set to have the cave and its countenance examined. However, owing to several seemingly dissuasive arguments from Mr Burrow, this examination never occurred.

Who We Are and Why

Welcome as we invite you to join us on a journey that does not parallel anything that has been previously presented by academia in the fields of history and archaeology. What we are about to discuss is a chapter of ancient history that has been either omitted or lost by classical sources. It is also a very remarkable chapter of the history of North America.

Alexander Helios, Inc is a group that has been pursuing a great archaeological discovery for several years. Unfortunately, the existence of so many other historical sites and looting by the original discoverer has been a great obstacle in revealing the entire truth. Extremely valuable artefacts have been spread across and sold to private collectors, and many unique treasures have suffered damage as a result. The looter on many occasions has threatened the lives of many with law enforcement being unable to act accordingly due to the controversy surrounding this ancient site. According to some experts, there’s no reason why such an archaeological deposit from the Mediterranean basin, should now exist in North America. What can we say, our closed-mindedness is a threat to our academics.

On the brighter side of the spectrum, we were able to amass large quantities of information from the artefacts as to whom the people were that constructed the “Illinois Cave” and the identities of the corpses that lay interred within it. Right here, we will be giving you the opportunity to review additional articles that have been published regarding this finding.

For those who want to study this matter more deeply, we have learning aids available through our catalogue. This adventure has taken us to conference halls across the country, from the beaches of Florida to the deserts of Arizona as well as the backwoods and ravines of Illinois. A great part of the adventure also called for repeated visits to many museums, libraries, and ancient ruins scattered all over the country. We do hope you enjoy learning about this collection of new and old information we offer. We have done our very best to make this website easy and fun to navigate through.

Whatever Happened In Marion County?

The story began in Spring 1925 with a man named Orville Lowery who was a resident of Hickory Hill in the southeast corner of Marion County Illinois. He and his two daughters were getting rid of debris and rocks from an area intended to be their family garden. Fern his eldest daughter, who was six years old at the time, began exploring along the ledge of the ravine near to the garden spot. Several feet away from the bluff, she found a hole in the sandstone that seemed to have been cut by human hands. She called her father over who after an investigation determined the hole was of ancient origin.

For years, Orville worked diligently attempting to reach out to professional investigators from the state of Illinois to check the site and examine this entrance into the subterranean cavity. Orville was met with futility as the Illinois experts sloughed off the idea that anything of ancient significance could exist in the most remote regions of Marion County. Nonetheless, Orville managed to get Fern’s discovery recorded in the WPA journals in Salem, the county seat. Owing to the frustration caused by the lack of interest of the scientific community, Orville later moved to Mt. Vernon after selling his property in the early 1930s.

The waters were silent for decades, until one day in 1961 when Michael Paul Henson, the most famous treasure guide writer in the country came along. Michael had read about Orville’s discovery in the Salem courthouse and approached him. This renewed interest made Orville excited and motivated him to meet with Henson after which he escorted him to the site of the ancient portal.

Henson is the respected writer of lost treasure books and he later published the information he had gathered in subsequent releases. After the death of Orville in 1974, others copied Henson’s work and duplicated this twisted tale of discovery.

In April of 1982, an ignorant rustic from Olney, Illinois relocated the ancient portal after crisscrossing the coordinates of different treasure guides published years before. The entrance to the cave was then filled by the perpetrator of vicious crimes who covered up his misdeeds and hid the bodies of people he murdered in the early 1990s. This marks where our story begins!

Lowery Cave Project in Summer of 1994

We got involved in the Lowery Cave Project in 1994. Since then, many people have been searching for the entrance covered up by that former Olney resident after taking away precious artefacts for 10 years. Today, these artefacts are sold on the antiquities black market all over the world, commanding unbelievable prices. The state of Illinois disregards the site as a hoax to remove themselves from any responsibility. All the while, antiquities experts around the world purchase the artefacts from Illinois unhindered. Sadly, the state of Illinois has not done much to stop this scenario as it continuously unfolds before them. We, however, are bent on pursuing this endeavour to whatever bitter end it leads us.